Excavation & Heavy Equipment

We have a fleet of bobcats, track loaders, mini excavators, and experienced operators that enable us to offer a wide range of services for homeowners such as: Grading Rock hounding Soil Aggregate spreading Aggregate removal Light excavation Trenching for utilities Footers Walls Land clearing

Bobcat / heavy equipment

We have a fleet of bobcats, track loaders, mini excavators, and experienced operators that enable us to offer a wide range of services for homeowners such as:

Trained Professional Operators

There are a few vital landscaping tasks that require certain heavy equipment that should only be used by trained experienced operators. If your landscape requires a Bobcat or skid steer for light excavating or trenching for utilities it is important to employ an excavating contractor in order to avoid potentially dangerous errors. We make sure that these essential yet daunting jobs get done right with the least amount of interference with your home or business.

When setting footers or building walls, only a thin lines separates an excellent and shoddy installation. An uneven retaining wall or a mislaid footer can spell disaster for any landscape plan. Why risk it when you can hire the leading Pittsburgh landscape contractor to do the job right the first time? Similarly, an imperfect execution of soil grading or drainage installation can wind up costing much more in repairs than simply hiring a professional in the first place. In fact, poor drainage can take years to manifest itself, destroying your beautiful landscape in the process. With so much at stake, why trust your dirt grading to anyone else?

Aggregate & Gravel Spreading

Perhaps your needs are not so much technical as they are overwhelmingly laborious. Aggregate spreading, dirt removal, and land clearing can be quite intimidating for a working or aging family. Most people would do anything to avoid a weekend spent shoveling tons of gravel. Some tougher land clearing jobs require expensive and potentially dangerous equipment. What a relief to know that landscape contractors can unburden you and complete any required gravel spreading or aggregate removal, allowing you to relax while others do the hard work.

Since we have our own heavy equipment, we can engage demanding excavation jobs. Trenching, grading, and rock hounding are not everyday landscape requirements. Thankfully, the special heavy equipment requirements of these tasks are well within our scope. With professionals trained in operating a skid steer, we can bring the largest landscaping dreams down to size. Moreover, we can ensure minimal intrusion. Certainly the thought of a Bobcat firmly parked in the lawn would give any homeowner pause. While we cannot work magic, we can make sure that our use of heavy equipment does not impede unnecessarily.

Commercial Application Heavy Equipment Services

Not a homeowner? Are your landscape plans for a business instead? Commercial landscaping contracts are never too big for our professionals. We have the contractors and the equipment to complete large commercial landscape assignments. Moreover, we have the personnel to make sure that your job gets done efficiently, making sure your business is not disrupted any more than is absolutely necessary.

Heavy equipment requires trained experienced contractors. Our vast familiarity in the use of heavy equipment will make sure that you maximize on your landscape investment by getting the job done right the first time. With our courteous and efficient landscape contractors at your disposal, you will wonder why you ever hesitated to set your landscape vision into motion. So why not employ the best that Pittsburgh has to offer? The quality and longevity of your landscape depends on it.

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  • True Professionals!!!!!!

    Reviewer: Tamara Keen

    I have hired Pghsw to do multiple projects at two different homes we owned. Jeff and his team are great to work with, do high quality work at a fair price, and are true professionals! Jeff came up with great hard scape design that complemented our home and landscape! We absolutely love our patio! It still looks as beautiful as it did the day it was finished. I highly recommend this company! Thank you Jeff and Bob!

  • Excellent Quality Of Work!

    Reviewer: Sean M

    I have hired Pittsburgh Stone & Waterscapes for multiple projects over the years. At the end of each project I could confidently say the quality of work I received exceeded the price I paid. In addition to the quality of work, this companies professionalism, responsibility and accountability was second to none. Jeff Blunkosky’s ability to develop recommendations and implement plans of action, allows for a seamless transition for completion of any project. Quite simply Jeff and his company provide service beyond any expectations. I would recommend Jeff and his company to anyone.

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