Pittsburgh Landscapers

Are you searching for affordable Pittsburgh landscapers? PGHSW knows that implementing the right landscape design in an integral part of any outdoor project, whether for an existing home or for a new construction. The correct design will compliment the structure of the home and provide a variety of size and color that will maximize curb appeal, assist in land drainage issues and provide minimal maintenance to the homeowner.


PGHSW was founded over 35 years ago on the service of offering landscape design and installation and that foundation is still a cornerstone of their installation service. PGHSW are Pittsburgh landscapers that provide services for a wide variety of areas for homeowners, from outdoor rooms and patios to pools & hot tubs and landscape designs, and much more.


For direct areas around the home, PGHSW provides landscaping design and installation services that offer great aesthetic appeal from multiple viewpoints. Their services can accent key architectural features of your home, create a natural setting that flows correctly with the surrounding lawn, provide LED lighting that works in conjunction with your home and yard, and are intended to grow slowly over time to look nicer and more established year after year.


For hardscape areas, PGHSW’s Pittsburgh landscapers can incorporate landscape designs with hardscape work, such as patios and step areas. These can play a key role in adding the right color and size throughout these areas, as well as accenting hardscape material. Hardscaping can also aid in surface water drainage from patios, create borders and boundaries for perimeters, offer LED lighting options for highlighting, or can provide dimension throughout large flat areas.


If you’re interested in a backyard waterfall, PGHSW’s Pittsburgh landscapers can handle the project. They’re experienced with adding the correct balance of landscape material for exceptional results. As well as providing the appearance of a natural setting, the right choice of plant material will continue to age gracefully with the waterfall, just like you would see happening in nature.


A waterfall can be designed as the main focal point of a landscape design, or can increase the beauty of the area. Additional benefits of landscaping around a water fall include the ability to make an area look larger, with properly place LED lighting, and exceptional aesthetic appeal to your backyard, among others.


Banked areas can be beautifully landscaped to create a comprehensive landscape design, incorporating key plant material and boulders that will transform a once unsightly banked region into a gorgeous focal point in any yard. Based landscapes are ideal for areas that are typically difficult to mow, can create erosion control to keep hillsides from slipping, can consume a large amount of runoff rain water that would typically flood the bottom area, and provide a beautiful low maintenance area.


If you’re thinking about a new look in your backyard or outdoor space, call the professional Pittsburgh landscapers at PGHSW at 412-319-7524 and speak with an expert about your ideas. They’ll set up a constellation in your home or location to discuss their services and how they can help transform the look of your space.

Pittsburgh Landscapers

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