Landscape Design

We design special landscapes for each home, making a place of relaxation, fun, and hanging with friends.

We go beyond typical landscape items to include components such as hillside transformations, pool projects, outdoor rooms, waterfalls, home additions, and much more. We are able to design such items and incorporate all resources needed to carry out the construction as well.

3D Landscape Design

We separate ourselves from traditional designers due to our expertise in constructing such items personally for decades in the field.

We believe you cannot be a successful designer without having extensive hands on experience working with these items in the field to understand their capabilities.

This is what gives our customers the advantage of utilizing our experience to know what is in their best interest short term and more importantly long term. We are not interested in making a quick dollar to sell a project to a customer that we know will not satisfy their needs ultimately. We are more interested in educating the customer, explain how and when certain things need to be done, even if that means waiting to do the project or phase of the project later to best suit the customer.

We know in the end a happy customer is the best investment.

The 3D Advantage

For decades, we have done topographic landscape designs for our clients with success. The problem was the bigger the projects got, the more customers had a difficult time visualizing the finished product.
Topographics were good to describe scale and where things were being placed but do not accurately convey crucial data such as:

  • How does the proposed project complement the home exterior?
  • How will the existing land grades work with the project?
  • What can I expect to see from various areas in my house?
  • How do the elevations of the components flow with each other?
  • How can I be certain I’m choosing the correct materials and colors?

The list goes on and on. Through incorporating 3D Landscape design into our service bracket, we are able to accurately convey a visual perspective of the overall proposed project and include the current home exterior and grade changes to represent clearly what the finished product will look like.
To see exactly what we are discussing, you can click on the attached “Pittsburgh Landscape Design video” at the bottom of this page to see a first-hand glance of how we design a landscape project from start to finish.

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