Introducing the PSW EDGE

For over 38 years, Pittsburgh Stone & Waterscapes has been developing and perfecting a detailed and systematic client fulfillment process to educate and guide each of our clients from concept to completion and every step in between.

The PSW EDGE is a structured system designed to provide Exceptional living through a Detailed process of Guidance and Education.

Every member of the Pittsburgh Stone & Waterscapes’ team has a specialized role in the process and will guide and educate you every step of the way. As you move from one step to the next, you can be certain that your experience with PSW will be seamless.

Every goal MUST be accomplished prior to proceeding to the next step of the process. One step starts where another ends. Each successful step provides the customer with a deliverable and earns another layer of trust.

Breaking through the typical construction maze

Thinking about all of the moving parts involved in planning, organizing, and managing a construction project can be extremely overwhelming. In fact, it is one of the main reasons that homeowners put off renovation or construction projects.

They end up asking themselves the same questions over and over...

  • What will my project cost?
  • Will I spend too much?
  • Will I hire the right contractors?
  • Will I get what I paid for?

Unfortunately, typical construction companies either can’t or won’t provide you with a good answer to these questions. That’s simply not right.

At Pittsburgh Stone & Waterscapes, our mission is to change the way construction is done worldwide.

It all starts with the exclusive PSW EDGE.

Step 1

The Introduction

Project Administrator

The administrative assistant is your first point of contact in the process. They are responsible for answering all inquiries that are submitted. Their primary goal when speaking with you for the first time is to identify the scope of work and ensure we are a good fit for your needs. All details from your conversation are entered into a detailed inquiry sheet and all information is entered in our project management system and assigned to the appropriate sales manager or sales managers who specialize in the type of project you are looking to complete.

After the call, you will receive our Budgetary Slideshow which highlights multiple previous projects with a cost breakdown so that you can get an idea of the elements you are looking for and an approximate cost of each element.

Step 2

The Sales Discussion

Sales Manager(s)

Once the sales manager receives the information from the Initial Call, they will schedule a 15-20 minute phone conversation to get a better understanding of your vision, discuss the information provided on the inquiry sheet, and explain their portion of the process in more detail.

Once they have a better understanding of what you are looking for and have educated you on the process and next steps, they will schedule an on-site consultation to get a better understanding of the space.

Step 3

The Visit

Sales Manager(s)
Project Administrator

At this step, the sales manager will visit your residence (or the project site if different) to get acquainted with the layout of the property, further discuss your vision, and discuss, in detail, options and price points based on the property and your feedback from the slideshow.

If both parties agree that the vision can be accomplished within the property’s limitations, a vision agreement will be developed. The PSW vision agreement is an agreement between you and Pittsburgh Stone & Waterscapes that a detailed and accurate design and 3D model will be created to the exact specs of your property. PSW designs are not just pretty pictures, they accurately represent the project and provide a detailed 3D overview of your vision.

Step 4

The Creation of your Vision

Project Designer
Architectural Draftsman

Once a vision agreement is signed and a small retainer fee is collected, the design process will begin. The project designer will reach out and introduce themselves. They will schedule time to visit the property and collect detailed field data (pictures, dimensions, and elevations of the site).

With the details from the field data and property plan (obstructions such as setback and easements), the designer will create a detailed and accurate 3D model of the home, property, and project concept.

Step 5

The Cost Breakout

Sales Manager(s)
Project Administrator

To provide an accurate and detailed estimate, our sales managers wait until the preliminary design is complete before they begin to put together any cost estimates. Because the design is created to scale, your sales manager will be able to produce a detailed and accurate itemized cost breakout.

Each estimate is full customized and all elements are laid out and priced separately to ensure clarity and transparency.

Step 6

The Presentation

Sales Manager(s)
Project Designer

Once the preliminary design and estimate are completed, the sales manager will set up a virtual or in-person meeting to present the design. The designer will walk you through each element of the project and explain the thought and reasoning behind every design decision. With the 3D design, they will be able to show you the project from any angle you wish and make changes on the fly based on your preferences and opinions.

Following the review of the design, the sales manager will discuss costs and material options for each individual element and answer any follow-up questions you may have.

Note: the design is not set in stone at this point and changes can still be made moving forward.

Step 7

The Signing

Sales Manager(s)
Project Administrator

Once the preliminary design and proposal have been agreed upon, the administrative assistant will develop a project contract that includes the complete scope of work, payment schedule, warranties, stipulations, and any other relevant information pertaining to the project.

As with the design contract, all documents will be provided through Docusign to review and digitally sign. A retainer fee will be collected at this point to reserve a place on the construction schedule.

Step 8

The Coordination

Sales Manager(s)
Project Coordinator
Project Designer
Architectural Draftsman

Once under contract, the project coordinator will reach out to you to make an introduction and educate you on the process of coordinating all logistics and material selections for the project. The coordinator is responsible for working with the designer to manage and organize all logistical items prior to construction including assisting with permit approval (HOA and/or township), material & product selections/deliveries, and The PA One Call (utilities).

Step 9

The Preparation

Sales Manager(s)
Project Designer
Project Coordinator
Project Manager(s)
Architectural Draftsman
PSW Trade Partners

While you, as a customer, are not involved with this step, it is an extremely important part of the Pittsburgh Stone & Waterscapes’ process. Roughly a week before the scheduled start of the project, all staff involved in the project, along with all trade partners contracted to bring your dream to reality, meet to ensure all parties are on the same page to ensure a smooth and efficient project work flow.

Step 10

The Layout

Project Manager(s)
Project Designer
Architectural Draftsman
Field Crew Leaders

Just before ground breaking, your project manager will reach out to you to introduce themselves and schedule the job layout.

During the job layout, the designer will walk the entire site and lay out the project by marking the areas of each element of the project.

With the layout in progress, the project manager will review the overall layout with you and discuss the projected construction schedule and relevant milestones to be aware of during construction.

Step 11

The Creation

Project Manager(s)
Trade Partners

Once construction of your project has begun, the project manager is your primary point of contact. To streamline the process, and save you the hassle of speaking to several different crews, the project manager will serve as a liaison between you and the field crews. The project manager is responsible for addressing any questions or comments you may have about the project.

All projects are constructed by Pittsburgh Stone & Waterscapes Trusted Trade Partners. These skilled contractors are contracted based on their skills and reputation. Because Pittsburgh Stone & Waterscapes continuously evaluates and educates our partners, you can be confident that they are professional, complete work to the highest industry standards, and work well as a team.

During the project, the project manager will ensure crews are conducting themselves in a professional manner and completing all work to industry standards and according to the contract.

As the project nears completion, you will join the project manager, the trade partners, on a final walk through of the project to determine what final items still need to be completed. It is important to note that every element in a design was chosen to work together with the other elements. As certain milestones are completed, elements may not “look right” or may appear to be “out of place”. Rest assured that, once the project is completed, the elements chosen will compliment the overall look and functionality of the project.

Step 12

The Result

Once the project is completed and paid in full, you are now part of the PSW family. We want to be a resource for you and your family moving forward. If needed, any warranty items will be addressed during this stage. We can also provide our partners as references for other products and services you may need down the line.

The most important part of this stage is to enjoy your new space. A lot of hard work went into making this project come to life and you deserve to enjoy it to the fullest.