A stone landscaping plan may open the horticultural options for your yard considerably. Using natural materials to make a stone landscape will work with your soils and gardens to produce beautiful results.

Boulder & Large Stones

Western Pennsylvania can be defined by its rolling hills and steep landscapes. Using Boulder landscaping, or Boulderscaping, within your landscape design can solve both aesthetic and logistical issues presented by vertical heights. The changing temperatures and ground conditions that accompany Pittsburgh area seasons can make maintaining a hillside garden or landscape difficult. Strategically placing landscaping boulders helps to retain the hillside and prevents mulches from sliding.

Other methods we offer for hillside landscaping are:

Retaining walls

Stone Walls and Boulder Walls

Landscape Boulders help to keep the fragile balance of soil and growth in place even in steep conditions. Using big rocks for landscaping creates a varied hardscape of rock gardens, perennials and trees. Creating natural formations of landscaping boulders in and around your hillside will make your landscape shine with unstudied beauty, while stabilizing the soil enough for successful cultivation. Many steep sections cannot be turned into gardens without using landscaping rocks, because the ground is not stable and will not give the plants a strong place to take root. But, using boulderscaping to steady the ground will increase both the virility and beauty of your steep landscape.

The use of stone walls and boulder walls within gardens and landscapes is a time honored tradition that has certainly proven its benefits.  Stone retaining walls built hundreds of years ago are still in use today in and around Pittsburgh.  Using stone walls on your property or in your garden will not only give your landscape a classic appeal, but will remain resilient through years of seasons.   Boulder walls blend into the natural landscape seamlessly, and cause less of an interruption than more modern fences and partitions.  Plus, their durability is unmatched: Western Pennsylvania snowstorms, rowdy and climbing children, or pushing soil will not affect its solid construction.

Our boulder wall installers will use their superior expertise in stonework and boulder landscaping to carryout unmatched stone retaining wall construction by using landscaping rocks to craft a one-of-a-kind stone wall specifically designed for your yard.

Boulder Landscaping

The classic tradition of stonework far outreaches hillside boulder landscaping and stone wall construction.  We also work with clients to create rock gardens that partner the rugged aesthetic of stones with the more delicate, colorful softness of plants and flowers.  Rock gardens are most often seen using herbs and succulents, but a wide variety of trees, shrubs, annuals and perennials can be planted in and around beautiful rock gardens as well.  Using landscaping boulders to retain the soil and stabilize the ground, rock gardens also take artistic appeal into serious consideration when placing landscaping stones.

Boulderscaping can also be used in a wide array of hardscape projects.  Whether you need a stone wall with more expansive detailing, walkways, entrances or other large stone projects, we can work with you.  We can create boulderscapes and stone work that will become perfect companions to your landscape.

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