An outdoor fireplace provides a central gathering place with friends and family

Fireplaces are a great component to add to any indoor or outdoor entertainment area. They are great showpieces that provide great aesthetic appeal while providing a function to make the area more comfortable. Pittsburgh Stone and Waterscapes has been incorporating fireplace design and installation into their outdoor entertainment areas for over a decade and now are offering fireplace design and installation for indoor entertainment as well! Whether it’s a formal gas fireplace for your great room or a rustic wood burning fireplace for your outdoor living space, we can accommodate you.

Our Turnkey System

Though these projects are a nice addition to any home or patio, they can involve several different contractors which can be time consuming and costly. We simplify the process by providing our customers a turnkey system that allows them to deal only with us. Through our staff and network of trade partners, we handle every step from design to installation.

Fireplace Design

Our design team works closely with our customers to understand their needs and aesthetic preferences to create the perfect fireplace design while incorporating materials that compliment the home’s surroundings which makes it a focal point. Our designers use 3D software that provides our customers a real life visual perspective that can be positioned at any angle and have surrounding components added, such as furniture, to provide an accurate scale. This provides any customer with a true interpretation of the finished project and also helps them plan on the design for the rest of the floor plan as well.

Fireplace Materials

Will the fireplace be gas, wood burning, or electric? We utilize a variety of manufacturers for the actual fireplace component to make sure it meets our customers’ specific needs, while meeting building codes and requirements. Despite which fireplace you go with, we offer a variety of materials to face the actual structure with brick, stone, or wood. Different accents such as hearths and mantles can be added for additional accent. We have specialty carpenters and masons that can build specialty inclusions such as shelving, trim, archways, wood boxes, lighting and more.

Indoor Fireplace Installation

Whether you’re looking to remodel an existing fireplace or add one to a new unfinished basement, we can develop a plan to fit your needs. Styles and functions of fireplaces continue to evolve to make your great room or basement area the place you want to entertain. They also make fantastic backdrops for TV and speaker systems.
We work directly with the manufacturer to be sure the framework, placement, and venting are all being installed to their specific guidelines, to assure safety. Our skilled trade partners can handle all construction and installation needs for the fireplace itself and additional items that may need addressed such as carpeting, painting, electrical and plumbing.

Outdoor Fireplace Installation

Outdoor fireplaces have become a must-have for outdoor living space projects. They can be installed under patio roofs or pavilions for year-round use, making it ideal for social functions. They’re great gathering spaces for dinner parties, sports gathering, family meals, or a peaceful breakfast. Homeowners are utilizing these great outdoor spaces as outdoor rooms or four-season rooms which makes the fireplace such a great inclusion. They can also be built free standing along a paver patio to enjoy at nighttime and enjoy the night atmosphere. Materials typically consist of either wall stone or CMU block faced with brick or stone veneer to handle the freeze thaw cycles during the winter and moisture. They can be built to compliment other patio features such as stone knee walls, outdoor kitchens and pillars.