Custom In-Home Golf Simulators in Pittsburgh

The weather in Pittsburgh can put a damper on your game. Keep your swing up to par even when you can't get out to the course.

Play any course in the world, at any time

How a custom golf simulator fits into your project

Golf can be a great escape from the daily routine. However, along with the unpredictable weather of Pittsburgh, it is aften difficult to find time to play a round. Imagine shooting a round before work, or getting in a few holes during your lunch break. All of these options are available to you when you incorporate an in home golf simulator into your project.

Golf Simulator Design

If you can freely and safely swing a golf club, you have the room for a golf simulator. But that's not the only factor that goes into the design of your space. Having room to host friends and collegues, keeping the area safe from errant shots, and incorporating the area into the total project design so it fits in are all considerations that the design team must content with.

Our design team will consider the entire space and design a concept that is both aesthetically pleasing and maximizes the functionality of the entire space.

Materials and Equipment

Once the design team has determined the most optimal layout for the space, the project coordinator, utilizing industry experts, will recommend the perfect mix of materials, finishes, and technologies.

Typical custom golf simulator materials and equipment include:

  • Hitting Screen
  • Projector
  • Launch Monitor
  • Computer and Software

Service and Quality is always included

Our goal is to build a better life for you and your family. We work with industry professionals to ensure that the work is done right and to the highest quality.

We will ensure you know how to use and maintain your system so it will provide years of entertainment for you and your family.