Custom Indoor Swimming Pools & Spas in Pittsburgh

Go swimming with your family in a snowstorm? It's possible.

How a custom indoor swimming pool fits into your project

A pool is not just a luxury for those with a large backyard. Add a custom indoor swimming pool and spa to your home and swim year-round.

Designing an Indoor Pool

Many types of pools can be added to a home, including gunite or vinyl-lined. Designs can be as simple as a lap pool or as elabolate as the size of your space. Additions to a custom indoor swimming pool design such as changing rooms, showers, steam rooms, saunas help create a health spa atmosphere for the whole family.

While the perfect time to plan for an indoor pool is during the design and construction of your home, it may be possible to seamlessly add an indoor pool to your existing home.

Details to Consider with an Indoor Swimming Pool

Indoor Pool Ventilation

Humidity is a significant factor when installing an indoor pool. Both for the comfort of your family, but for the other areas of the room. By designing and installing your indoor pool with a proper HVAC system, you can keep the air comfortable and prevent condensation.

Automatic Pool Covers

Similar to an outdoor pool, an automatic pool cover for an indoor pool serves several purposes. First, it is a life-saver, literally. Especially when there are kids in the house, an automatic pool cover will keep them from accidentally falling in the pool. Automatic pool covers will also prevent evaporation when not being used and will keep your HVAC unit from working as hard.


Due to the controlled environment of an indoor pool, our design and coordination team is not hindered by Pittsburgh's freeze thaw cycles. Therefore, there are a much wider variety of materials to choose from such as galss and ceramic waterline tiles.

What Resources does creating an indoor swimming pool Require?

  • Architectural and Engineer Design
  • Construction Drawings and Blueprints
  • Township permitting, zoning, and HOA approvals
  • Several specialists including:
    • Pool Specialists
    • Carpenters
    • Electricians
    • Plumbers
    • HVAC
    • Masons
    • etc.

Service and Quality is always included

Our goal is to build a better life for you and your family. We work with industry professionals to ensure that the work is done right and to the highest quality.

We will ensure you know how to use and maintain your system so it will provide years of entertainment for you and your family.