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Implementing the correct landscape design to ones property is a integral part of any outdoor project whether its new construction or for existing homes. The correct landscape design will compliment the structure of the home, provide a variety of size and color that dramatically increase the curb appeal to the home, aid in drainage issues and is intended to have minimal maintenance. The individual plant materials must be selected by a experienced landscape designer as the wrong plant materials may result in costly replacements in the future. Our company was founded over 35 years ago on the service of landscape design/ installation and is still today a corner stone of our installation services. Our Pittsburgh landscape designers provide a full range of design, installation and maintenance services to residential clients throughout the area.

Landscaping Around the House

We handle various landscape design /installation services for direct areas around the home. Our plant material in selected carefully by our experienced design team and then hand selected at the nurseries. These designs are established to:


1. Offer great aesthetic appeal from multiple view points.

2. Accent key architectural features of the home

3. Creates a natural setting that flows correctly with the surrounding lawn areas

4. Works in conjunction with LED lighting for a elegant appearance at night time

5. Is intended to grow slowly over time to look nicer and more established year after year

Landscaping Around Hardscape Areas

We incorporate landscape designs with all of our hardscape work such as patios and step areas. The play a key role in adding color and size around these areas along with complimenting the hardscape material. Additional benefits


1. Aid in surface water drainage from patio surfaces

2. Create borders and boundaries to compliment hardscape perimeters

3. Provide a place for LED lighting to be placed for highlighting hardscape areas

4. Can be placed inside patio areas to break up large flat areas and provide dimension

  Landscaping Around Waterfalls

 Adding the correct balance of landscape material around a waterfall is essential. It further promotes the appearance of a natural setting and the right plant material will continue to age gracefully with the waterfall to appear as you may see in nature. Even though a waterfall is typically a main focal point of a landscape design, the right combination and location of key plant material can vastly increase the beauty of the overall   area.  Additional benefits for landscaping around waterfalls are:


1. Plant material acts as a great backdrop around the waterfall.

2. When LED lighting is placed on the waterfall and on select plant material at night, it makes the area look bigger and more elegant

3. Adding carefully selected specimen plants to focal points of a waterfall highlight the specific space and make it stand out as a point of interest

4. Adding select perennials along the waterfall edge allows some plant foliage to creep into stream areas for a natural look, and provides vibrant color to break up the stone appearance


Landscaping Bank Areas

Creating a comprehensive landscape design to incorporate key plant material along with boulders will transform any unsightly bank to a gorgeous focal point of the yard. Additional benefits for landscaping bank areas are:


1.  A great solution for a area that is difficult to mow

2. Creates a form of erosion control to keep hillside from slipping

3. Consumes a great deal of runoff or rain water that would typically travel to bottom of yard area

4. If plant material is selected properly little to no maintenance will be involved to care for hillside


 Privacy Area

Introducing a buffer area of carefully selected plant material can add color and a great deal of privacy to areas of the home. This also helps distinguish property boundaries between homes.

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  • True Professionals!!!!!!

    Reviewer: Tamara Keen

    I have hired Pghsw to do multiple projects at two different homes we owned. Jeff and his team are great to work with, do high quality work at a fair price, and are true professionals! Jeff came up with great hard scape design that complemented our home and landscape! We absolutely love our patio! It still looks as beautiful as it did the day it was finished. I highly recommend this company! Thank you Jeff and Bob!

  • Excellent Quality Of Work!

    Reviewer: Sean M

    I have hired Pittsburgh Stone & Waterscapes for multiple projects over the years. At the end of each project I could confidently say the quality of work I received exceeded the price I paid. In addition to the quality of work, this companies professionalism, responsibility and accountability was second to none. Jeff Blunkosky’s ability to develop recommendations and implement plans of action, allows for a seamless transition for completion of any project. Quite simply Jeff and his company provide service beyond any expectations. I would recommend Jeff and his company to anyone.

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