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Inground pool projects are a great way to enjoy your backyard, but can sometimes be a complex process for homeowners.

Most inground pool projects typically involve a pool builder, landscaper, fence installer, plumber , electrician, carpenter and sometime architect. Finding all these individual contractors can be difficult and very hard to manage. Pittsburgh Stone and Waterscapes has been involved with Pool designs and inground pool installation projects for over ten years and have created a turnkey system with a talented group of contractors to handle all your needs directly. From small back yard wading pools to large scale resort style inground pool areas with lavished cabanas. Pittsburgh Stone and Waterscapes can carry out your next inground pool project from design to construct efficiently and within your desired budget.

Which inground pool package is right for you?

At Pittsburgh Stone and Waterscape we go to great lengths to understand our customers specific needs, from a function – aesthetic – budgetary standpoint. We have compiled some of the best resources available over the past fifteen years to understand what options we can provide to our customers specific needs to create the perfect pool space for their families. We offer a one stop shop approach with all of our customers to make this process very simple. We have compiled every option for your next pool project from:

  • Inground pools
  • Pool decks / patios / walkways
  • Water falls
  • Fire pits/fireplaces
  • Pool houses/cabanas
  • Outdoor kitchens
  • Fencing
  • Landscaping
  • Electrical and plumbing

Are you a visual person that better understands things by seeing the big picture with costs?

Our design team illustrates all of the items mentioned above in a digital sales format with itemized pricing. This allows our customers to review options for their pool design and understand costs each step of the way. Our designers will work with you one on one to review all the different design options in a “plug and play” type method that allows the customer to select specific items they wish to include in their project while keeping a tab on each associated cost to develop a budget at the same time before a design is even started.

In Ground Liner Swimming Pools

Cardinal Liner Swimming pools are our most popular inground pool systems that are more affordable then the Family fun style pools. They are built with Steel wall panels, A frame and deck steel bracing, 20 mil Liners, and Pool crete sub base flooring.

These inground pool systems also offer a large variety of step, tanning ledges, benches, and depth options. They can be shaped rectangular or serpentine with a large variety of sizes.

In Ground Family Fun Swimming Pools

Family Fun Swimming Pools are more of our top of the line pool systems and a great option for customers looking for a concrete inground pool but don’t want to pay the high price of a concrete inground pool or worry about cracked side walls. These inground pools consist of fiberglass walls that are steel anchored, reinforced with concrete backfill, and concrete floors. The floor can be coated either with a colored epoxy floor or the upgraded pebble tech flooring. This system allows for custom creations of the sidewalls for amenities such as sun shelves, benches, play areas for kids, tanning ledges (that you can place furniture on), various step styles. They also provide a large variety of tile options to give it that elegant appearance. They can be shaped rectangular or serpentine with a large variety of sizes.

Inground Pool Packages Include

Swimming Pool Renovations

Swimming Pool Renovations are a great way to get that old pool looking brand new or better than ever. We offer inground pool restoration services to aid customers in:

  • Resurfacing or replacing the interior of the pool itself.
  • Adding new features such as automatic covers
  • Adding new steps or tanning ledges
  • Adding ladders, hand rail or additional hardware.
  • Removing the current pool deck and replacing with a new one made from concrete or pavers.

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