We create environments with the latest technology to watch movies and sports acquiring a lot of possibilities.

Theater Rooms

With today’s technology the options for creating an environment to view movies and sports has taking on a wealth of possibilities. We work with contractors that specialize only with the audio / visual field to give our customers the guidance and education on what will be needed to complete the perfect Home theater for their home.
High definition T.V’s, and projection screens that were once only available at theaters and resorts for more of a commercial capacity have become available for residential use.
Home audio systems compliment their visual counterparts by providing keen sound as if you were in the actual scene yourself. This gives you the ability to feel that you are sitting in the stadium itself during the next big sporting event or make you flinch while watching the newest action movie.
Furniture arrangements and options are key to complete any Home theater area. Most sporting events or movies are typically atleast 2.5 hours in length. Being seated for such an extended time will require the proper seating to create the best comfort possible to make the experience as great as possible. Our Interior design team works directly with chosen decorators that work for /with furniture suppliers to provide selections meeting the customers’ needs and collaborating with material detail within the Interior room design.