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Pittsburgh Stone and Waterscapes, LLC is a turnkey, licensed, general landscape construction company of over 35 years. Our Pittsburgh landscape contractors specialize in creating luxurious outdoor living spaces, incorporating features such as pools, patios, patio roofs, waterfalls, outdoor fireplaces and landscaping in our residential designs. Our long history in the landscape industry has been driven by our passion of creating custom outdoor spaces to enhance our customers lives and building relationships.

Our Mission / Our Promise

Our Mission

“To bring families and friends together by creating spectacular outdoor living environments for all to enjoy.”

Our Promise

“To create outdoor features that fit each individual’s needs and budget that are produced efficiently to industry standards.”

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Landscape Lighting

When conceiving a landscape design, remember landscape lighting lest you miss out on opportunities to be outdoors after hours. There are countless options available, such as accent lights, spot lights, and path lights. By employing these outdoor lighting options, your outdoor landscape will be an inviting place twenty-four hours a day.

Those who are mindful energy consumers need not worry about installing landscape lights. With abundant solar powered and LED landscape lights available, outdoor lights do not necessarily affect your electric bills. However, do not assume that solar landscape lighting and low voltage lighting require a sacrifice in the amount of light created. By employing the leading Pittsburgh landscape contractor, you can ensure both your electrical and design needs are met.

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Fire Pits, Fire Rings & BBQ’s

Considering how a fireplace transforms a room, imagine how a fire pit changes an outdoor living space. By placing an attractive fire pit feature onto your patio, you increase both its ambiance and usefulness. As more homeowners see their patio as a space to host guests, the desire for outdoor kitchens has increased. Move beyond the traditional grill and install an attractive brick bbq. Perhaps you simply want a gathering place. A chiminea or a fire bowl gives your outdoor living space a focal point without costly installation. Want to add some Asian flare? Pagoda fire pits are an Asian-inspired variation that serve the same function. Want to enjoy your outdoor design year round? Then a patio heater may be the best solution for you.

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Pergola & Patio Roofing Construction

A pergola is a perfect solution for those who want to retain the openness of their backyard while defining the space, providing an excellent location for hosting parties or enjoying a lazy summer afternoon. And with so many pergola design options, there is a perfect pergola for every taste. For those who desire a classic look, a cedar pergola may be the best option. A handsome, hard-wearing material, cedar adds an unrivaled luxury to your backyard. However, those who desire an even more durable design may prefer a vinyl or metal pergola. Not only do these designs stand up to the elements, but they can prove far more affordable.

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Pittsburgh Pool Contractor

If you’re trying to decide whether to have a pool or not, there are a few things you’ll need to think about. Pools are now a lot more eco-friendly than they used to be, and despite urban myths, pools and hot tubs are quite easy to maintain. There’s nothing quite like a landscaped pool and/or hot tub area. These areas blend into the landscape leaving endless opportunities for creating beautiful canopy and water effects, very much like a water garden, except you can swim in it. Pittsburgh Stone and Waterscapes’ design consultants “build in” your pool and/or hot tub area into our designs so it works for your home and suits your needs. Whether you are considering a new pool and/or hot tub for purposes of entertainment or even health reasons, it’s a setting for a great outdoor environment. Why spend money on travel when you can get away in your own backyard haven!

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Pittsburgh Fireplace Installation and Design

As you begin to plan the expansion (or even creation) of the outdoor living space around your home, think beyond the ordinary. How many of your neighbors have an outdoor fireplace?

Fireplaces typically are associated with a home’s interior, as many homeowners add them in a family room, living room or master bedroom. These days, the lines are becoming more transparent between indoor and outdoor by making outdoor living spaces an extension of their home.

An outdoor fireplace adds another area for entertaining, which is similar to having a screened-in porch or parlor inside the home. After a meal, people can take their beverages and move to a cozier spot for more conversation. Depending on the style, an outdoor fireplace can create an intimate spot for a small group of three to four people to gather or a much larger area that can fit and provide warmth for many people. We are creating spaces that incorporate a fireplace under roof for a four-season room concept that allows our customer to entertain year round.

While Pittsburgh’s warm season is often short, an outdoor fireplace can extend the season. It can make those early spring evenings enjoyable and help push the patio season into late November!

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Outdoor Kitchens, Bars, and BBQ Grills

The Pittsburgh region has taken advantage of its beautiful landscapes and brought cooking and dining outdoors.  Your outdoor kitchen can be as simple as an outdoor fireplace and small patio preparation area.  Or, you can create a lavish outdoor living space with built-in grills, outdoor wet bars, patio refrigerators, and full service outdoor dining areas.

Outdoor living allows you to expand the areas of your home for relaxing and entertaining onto your patio or into your landscape.  Have a place where the kids can run and jump without wrecking havoc, and a space where the natural scenery of your Pittsburgh landscape complements your outdoor living and outdoor dining spaces.  Whether you’re hosting small family get-togethers or huge backyard bashes for the entire neighborhood, a beautiful outdoor kitchen is the perfect venue.

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Waterfalls & Pond Installation

Ponds and Waterfalls provide any landscape or backyard with beauty and joy! They are probably the most underestimated components for the home and the most misunderstood in the way of maintenance. By adding a water feature, you will add visual and auditory beauty. There is something quite mesmerizing and relaxing about the sight and sound of water. You can add beautiful Koi to your pond or keep it simple with a pondless waterfall. If positioned properly, they can bring beautiful sounds and views from several areas within the house as well as outside the home.

Gardens can be shaped around the perimeter of the waterfall or pond, and depending on the type of pond that is being built, can even influence the type of plants and flowers that will be included. Pittsburgh Stone and Waterscapes will design the perfect pond and waterfall to work aesthetically within the landscape of your backyard, with or without fish.

Adding a waterfall and/or pond to your yard is the first step to creating your own getaway. It makes your yard come to life. It will then become the perfect place to go when you want to escape from the rest of the world!

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Pittsburgh Landscape Designers

From concept to completion, Pittsburgh Stone and Waterscapes’ professional design consultants and field crews will make the most of the land around your home to enhance visual beauty year round of your outdoor living area. Our skilled landscape designers incorporate an array of beautiful plant material that is strategically located to compliment the home and surroundings that is meant to continue to flourish yearly to look more beautiful with age.

Utilizing our 3D virtual design process, we will help you determine the best use of your outdoor space and show you the placement of plants, trees and greenery, taking into consideration your existing area and incorporate a mix of old and new. Whether you are starting your landscape from scratch or need to renovate your existing landscaped area, we will prepare a landscape plan to meet your needs.

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Paver and Concrete Patios and Driveways

The Pittsburgh region is currently undergoing a remarkable change in its approach to outdoor landscaping through the use of new brick patio and paving options. While many in western Pennsylvania have long sought ways to create durable landscape designs that reflect the region’s natural beauty, the availability of brick pavers, flagstone pavers, and concrete pavers give the customer a wonderful new array of landscaping options.

Whether you envision transforming your landscape with a gorgeous new concrete paver driveway, sidewalk, or patio, now is the time to investigate paver costs installed by a professional landscape contractor. With the beauty and durability only flagstone and patio pavers provide, there is no better time to begin work on a brick sidewalk, flagstone patio, or any other host of paver options.

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3D Virtual Landcape Design Services

Our goal is to custom design and build projects that best suit our customers.  The correct balance of landscape and lawn space is imperative for a well-proportioned design as are illustrated in our 3D virtual landscape design gallery that each design is unique.

Throughout our 30 years of landscape service for the Pittsburgh area, we have faced many challenges: from running an efficient company, to staying on the cutting edge of the newest landscape trends, and most important of all, keeping our customers satisfied. Without our customers, we would not survive as a landscape company.

At the end of each year, we break down our past year and analyze our company and search for areas for improvement. The toughest challenge we typically face is finding the most effective way to give customers a complete visual perspective and understanding of our proposed landscape designs. Thanks to advances in technology, we can now offer complete 3D virtual renderings of what your landscaping project will look like.

There are certain jobs that you cannot do yourself and thus require a landscape contractor. Soil grading, rock hounding, and aggregate spreading are all labor intensive jobs that demand special skills and equipment, such as a bobcat or skid steer. By hiring the leader in Pittsburgh landscaping, you can ensure that proper attention is given to drainage, trenching, and dirt grading.

A high-quality landscaping contractor will make sure that structurally essential jobs such as setting footers, building walls, and trenching for utilities are done right the first time. Our trained experienced operators of the necessary heavy equipment can tackle those daunting gravel spreading, land clearing, aggregate removal and light excavation jobs. So whether you are staring at an overwhelming dirt removal or trenching job, look no further for Pittsburgh’s best landscape contractor.

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  • True Professionals!!!!!!

    Reviewer: Tamara Keen

    I have hired Pghsw to do multiple projects at two different homes we owned. Jeff and his team are great to work with, do high quality work at a fair price, and are true professionals! Jeff came up with great hard scape design that complemented our home and landscape! We absolutely love our patio! It still looks as beautiful as it did the day it was finished. I highly recommend this company! Thank you Jeff and Bob!

  • Excellent Quality Of Work!

    Reviewer: Sean M

    I have hired Pittsburgh Stone & Waterscapes for multiple projects over the years. At the end of each project I could confidently say the quality of work I received exceeded the price I paid. In addition to the quality of work, this companies professionalism, responsibility and accountability was second to none. Jeff Blunkosky’s ability to develop recommendations and implement plans of action, allows for a seamless transition for completion of any project. Quite simply Jeff and his company provide service beyond any expectations. I would recommend Jeff and his company to anyone.

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“Throughout our 30 years of landscape service for the Greater Pittsburgh area, we have faced many challenges: from running a professional company, to staying on the cutting edge of the newest landscape trends, and most important of all, exceeding our customers’ expectations. Without our loyal customers, we would not survive as a landscape company.”

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