Eating and cooking outdoors opens a wealth of possibilities for any family.

1. Enjoyment of the open space and outdoors –
With all the hustle and bustle of the everyday routine, nothing is more relaxing then shutting off the T.V, putting away the electronics and taking in the fresh air and the beauty of nature during your next family meal.
2. Allows the cook to be involved at the party –
How many parties does the cook get stuck in the kitchen while everybody is elsewhere. Having both in one area allows the cook to be included while preparing the food.
3. Kids parties –
Nobody enjoys cleaning up the messes or the damage done to flooring during a kids party. Break out the paper ware that can be thrown in the trash right after, and hose off that patio for a quick and easy cleanup.
4. Neighborhood parties or sports functions –
Make your home the talk of the town by creating a back yard dining, cooking and recreational space for all to congregate and enjoy during that next big event.
  • Landscape Architect to design the space
  • Masons to build the base of the kitchen
  • Stone fabricator for the counter tops
  • Grill distributor for the Grill and appliances
  • Electrician for appliances and outlets
  • Plumber for gas and water hook ups
  • Hardscaper for possible patio work
  • Landscaper to repair any lawn damage

As you can see these spaces can get quite involved and costly if the customer has to hire each of these contractors individually. It is also a task scheduling and overlooking each of them which can make for a long, stressful process.

The Pittsburgh Stone turnkey process for your next Outdoor Kitchen and Dining area:

After over ten years of designing and constructing these features we have developed a system to minimize the need for eight different companies to dealing with only one. We know full well the frustrations and expense customer’s deal with micromanaging projects. We provide a turnkey approach that allows us to provide every service needed under one roof from Design, Guidance, construction and even supplying the Grill and appliances. We have constructed a team of contractors that work systematically to promote the highest work quality and efficiency to complete your entire needs for your project.

How do I establish a budget for my Outdoor Kitchen and Dining project?

This always is a sticking point for customers and contractors. How much do you what to spend? How much do you charge? We have broken down this barrier by offering our new customers what we call our budgetary slideshow to review in the privacy of their home. This contains previous projects with associated to provide education and price points. During consultations we have the next resource being our Sales portfolio. This contains over twenty different prebuilt Outdoor Kitchen and Dining areas that customers can choose from that are illustrated in a 3D format. If none meet their criteria we can custom design to fit their exact needs.

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