Custom Outdoor Fireplaces and Fire Features in Pittsburgh

An outdoor fireplace provides a central gathering place with friends and family

Outdoor BBQ & Cooking

When designing a new patio, sometimes a bold touch is required to take it to the next level. Because patios are typically designed using pavers or bricks–materials that are naturally fire retardant–this can be the perfect location for a fire pit. An outdoor fireplace can do many things for a patio design. For one, it can increase its usefulness, transforming the space into an outdoor kitchen. It provides a central gathering place, creating opportunities for friends and family to spend time together outside. Lastly, it can extend the amount of the year that the patio can be enjoyed. As more landscape design options become available, countless homeowners are dreaming big when it comes to dinner and party hosting. With an outdoor kitchen, summer parties can last late into the night without the need to return inside. While most Pittsburgh area residents already own a portable grill, the installation of a brick bbq or a brick outdoor fireplace give your outdoor kitchen a wonderful sense of permanence. Furthermore, it allows a new avenue for culinary experimentation for the amateur (or professional) home chef.

Patio Fire Pits & Fireplaces

While elaborate new cooking tools appeal to some, perhaps you simply want a central space for late night gathering. A cost-effective and temporary option that does not sacrifice any of the attractiveness is the chiminea. They come in many designs, such as the Asian-inspired pagoda. Not only are these handsome options, they contain the fire within a full enclosure, making them an ideal option for those with young children or curious pets. A similar option is the fire bowl, giving your family or guests the campfire experience with a fraction of the hassle. Regardless of taste, there are relatively inexpensive options that make adding a fire element to your landscape possible for those on modest budgets.
While utility and aesthetics are motivation enough for installing a fire pit, the simple heat provided by an outdoor fireplace has the wonderful ability to extend the amount of the year that your landscape can be enjoyed. Whether you opt for the previously mentioned options or a more permanent fire ring or installed fireplace insert, an outdoor fireplace allows homeowners and their guests to witness a beautifully designed landscape transform itself through the change of the seasons. Even a simple patio heater can stave off the coming chill. Why spend so much time and energy on a landscape that can only be used for half of the year? Turning it into a year-round investment is well worth the cost of additional installation.
While landscape design will always aim to be attractive, it is one-sided if it is not simultaneously useful. Outdoor fireplaces allow your outdoor living space to be used not just in more ways, but for longer throughout the year. Why limit yourself? If you are going to take the time to create a beautiful Eden of your own, why not make sure it can be used as often as possible? With so many fire pit options, there is no reason not to.