Patio Roofs, Pavilions, Pergolas, & Pool Houses

Carpentry components such as Patio Roofs, Pavilions, Pergolas and Pool Houses add value and comfort to any project.

We constantly hear how much homeowners enjoy their back yard spaces, but due to weather elements such as rain, heat, and even snow their time is limited. Our design team has come up with some great carpentry concepts for homeowners to double the amount of time they can utilize their back yards.

Sizes and materials for these features vary greatly and can be designed to complement the existing home and surroundings. We have many options to further enjoy these components by incorporating items such as outdoor kitchens, formal dining spaces, wood burning /gas fireplaces, patio areas, sitting areas with outdoor televisions and more. For more details about these features please read below:

Patio Roofs

Patio roofs area a great way of extending the home into another room and to provide something the rest of the house can’t. It allows homeowners to enjoy the outdoors in luxury without being inconvenienced by inclement weather. They are great four season rooms to utilize for large adult gatherings to birthday parties for the kids. They can be built as small or as large as you prefer based on the patio space underneath. Our patio roof designs range in covered areas that accommodate a dining area, outdoor kitchen, and sitting area to larger scaled projects that may additionally involve outdoor fireplaces, bar areas, built in televisions, home audio and more. Materials for these projects can range dramatically from laminates, brick, stone, or wood.

Pavilion Areas

Introducing a pavilion area to a landscape design can have several benefits. Sometimes homeowners want that covered space away from the house to create a secondary living area that isn’t a extension of the home. They can be built to accommodate the same items that the patio roofs do, but they additionally provide dimension to the backyard aesthetically and create a second identity for that “away from home” feel. They can be built form a variety of materials that don’t necessarily have to identically match the materials of the home. They also leave a variety of options to be built into hillsides, co exist with landscape items such as plant material, boulders, waterfalls and fire pits for that resort feel.


One important variable we always consider in our Landscape designs is a use of diverse materials. When looking at a finished landscape project having a mixture of hardscape, landscape, lawn, water feature, and carpentry components makes for a well rounded design. Pergolas are a great item to Include to display a carpentry aspect for aesthetics. They also add dimension with a typical 8’ height and provide different levels of shade and privacy. They can be built to a wide range of sizes along with materials such as wood, and laminate.

Pool Houses & Pool Cabanas

Introducing a pool space is a great entertainment feature for many landscape designs. They provide the luxury of enjoying your own personal pool space that you typically only find when visiting a vacation resort. A great addition to a Pool Design is a covered space alongside it. These covered spaces can range from a small pool cabana with a basic sitting / lounge area to a large scale pool house that provides a sitting / dining area, fireplaces, bar areas, televisions, full bathrooms, storage rooms and more. These structures can range greatly in size with a multitude of material options.