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Ask yourself these 3 questions...

1. What would you do with an extra 45 hours a week?

2. What would you do with an extra $84,375 per year?

3. What if you didn't have to deal with customers and always got paid in 10-14 days of submitting an invoice?

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What is a Trade Partner?

A Trade Partner of PSW is just that, a partner!

Trade Partners are respected specialists in the construction industry. They are honest, hard-working, and full of integrity. They take pride in the work they do and it shows.

A Trade Partner is NOT a low pay sub-contractor. They are part of the PSW team.

They are the individuals and companies that physically build a customer's dream living space. Most importantly, they build better lives.

The PSW Trade Partner Network

The PSW Trade Partner Network is a network of trade partners with a mutually beneficial focus on growing their businesses and the construction industry as a whole. Each Trade Partner is integral to every project's success. Clients hire PSW because of the strenth of the network.

Trade Partner Benefits

Most of the contractors affiliated with our trade network prefer to dedicate their time on the actual construction of projects. This where their passion is, where they make their money, and most of all, where they are happiest.

While they understand the need for it, a majority of contractors do not want to be involved with the administrative tasks associated with selling a project. Administrative tasks such as marketing, phone calls, on-site consultations, designs, estimates, presentations, material selections, permitting, construction drawings, money collection, project management, and the unknowns of dealing with the customers.

Services Provided by PSW


  • Initial Call - Our intake specialist handles all initial calls and qualifying them as leads. That means, no more missing calls from potential customers.
  • On-site Consultations - Our sales team handles all consultations with the customer to grasp the complexity of their vision and to determine any potential obstacles.
  • Presentations - The sales team will put together all designs and estimates and present them to the customer for their approval. They will also handle all revision requests from the customer.


  • Initial Design - Our designers will take the customer's vision and develop a detailed 3D rendering utilizing digitally scanned site measurements, property plans, and customer concepts.
  • Design Revision - Once presented to the customer, our designers will take the customer's feedback and revise the initial design
  • Construction Drawings - Once the design is approved, our design team will create detailed construction drawings for the crews to follow once on site.
  • Soils & Architecture - The design team will utilize our network to ensure that all soils are solid and that all architectural structures are approved.


  • Product Selection - Our project coordinator will work with the customer to select all products to be used on site and order them for delivery to the project.
  • Permitting - Our project coordinator works with each township to ensure that all permits are aquired and on the job site before the project begins.


  • Project Management - Our team of Project Managers handle the scheduling and management of all aspects of the project. They are responsible for ensuring the project runs smoothly and is built to industry standards.
  • Customer Management - The project managers are the ones that deal with the customer. Any questions, comments, or complaints are filtered through the project management team.


  • Collecting Payments - Our project administrator is responsible for invoicing the customer and collecting payments.
  • Invoicing - The project administrator submits all invoices for payment, and partners are typically paid within 1-2 weeks of submission.

Breakdown of Costs

Typical unbillable administrative costs of a sold project

During the typical sale of a 3-week project, the average contractor has an average of 40-50 hours wrapped into the administrative services listed below. If you equate your time to be worth $75/hr, you can see how quickly unbillable hours can add up.

Service Time Cost ($75/hr)
Initial Call 30 mins $37.50
Initial On-site Consult / Drive Time 3 Hours $225.00
Follow up On-Site Consult / Drive Time 3 Hours $225.00
Design / Estimate 6 Hours $450.00
Presentation / Drive Time 4 Hours $300.00
Design / Revisions 3 Hours $225.00
Contract Developed and Signed 2 Hours $150.00
Product Selections 3 Hours $225.00
Permitting (if applicable) 4 Hours $300.00
Job Layout / Customer Discussion 4 Hours $300.00
Phone Calls and Meetings with Customer During Project 5 Hours $375.00
Project Managing Field Crew 4 Hours $300.00
Ordering/Coordinating Materials 2 Hours $150.00
Return Visits After Project Completion 3 Hours $225.00
TOTAL 45 Hours $3,375

By the Numbers...

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