Custom Wine Cellars / Wine Rooms in Pittsburgh

Grab the perfect bottle to pair with a romantic meal, or gather for a night of entertainment with family and friends to taste a variety of fine wines.

How a custom wine cellar fits into your project

Like any other natural foods, wines are perishable. If you place them in places where temperature and humidity tend to fluctuate, they will spoil. Even a lenient temperature spike can negatively affect wine. Installing a custom wine cellar / wine room with your project allows you to grow your personal wine collection.

Wine Cellar Design

Wine cellars have undergone a massive transformation in the past years. No longer located in dark and hidden storage spaces, they are fast becoming the focal point of an interior living spaces. Not just for passionate oenophiles anymore, a custom wine cellar or wine room elevates the home while providing the perfect backdrop for entertaining.

Where to Place the Wine Cellar

The Wine Cellar

The typical wine cellar, which was once only desired by oenophiles, typically consistes of a custom stroage area and adjacent wine tasting room. The typical wine cellar is for those who prefer to taste their wine rather than display it. The wine cellar is a great place to store wine in a controlled climate and enjoy your collection in the privacy of your own home.

The Wine Room

No longer restricted to a cellar, wine rooms are designed for those who want to display their collection like a fine work fo art. Typically located next to a kitchen, home office, or bar room, a wine room utilizes glass and LED lights to perrfectly show off your collection. Wine rooms must be designed with percision to seamlessly match the style of the home.

The Proper Environment

The primary purpose of a wine cellar or room is to maintain the intergirty of the wine by providing a controlled environment.

Temperature and Humidity

Bottles should be kept at the proper temperature and humidity and avoid fluctuations in temperature. Wine can be stored safely from 40 - 65 degrees, but the optimal storage temperature depends on the type of wine, the wine's age, and how long it will be stored. Maintaing the proper humidity is often overlooked, but will prevent mold from forming and protect the wooden corks from drying out and shrinking.


Controlling the lighting in your wine cellar protects your collection from damaging UV rays.

Service and Quality is always included

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